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Multi-Channel Marketing

How to Challenge an Established Force in Oil & Gas


Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study: Teflon Coatings


DuPont (now known as Chemours) wanted to enter the oil and gas market with a new coating that performed better than an established competitor’s, but DuPont lacked understanding of this market. The marketing strategy challenges were: 1) a new product; 2) a highly regulated industry; and 3) dominant market share by a competitor. 

The Alias Group performed detailed market research for DuPont, which included gathering information on major industry players, customers, and the size of the potential market.

This research revealed many actionable insights, but one in particular: Reaching audiences in the industrial sector is about presenting engaging information in a succinct way. By understanding the target audience's priorities and learning industry jargon, we determined how we could quickly convert prospects into purchasers.


Alias used a multi-channel marketing strategy to launch this new coating. The strategy included creating new landing pages; writing press releases, blog posts, and social media posts; and attending trade shows in the industry. We set about aligning sales goals with marketing activities and executing on the platforms and during the times when the target audience was most likely to be captured.

Digital Marketing Strategy creation and implementation

The launch became about making as much noise as possible to reach the widest audiences in an industry with an entrenched, established competitor. Marketing activities are only as effective as the strategy behind them, so we made sure we were using methods and communications that would connect with our target audience.


We attribute our success to the high degree of alignment between our sales and marketing efforts. Almost immediately, we received calls from potential customers that we had previously found difficult to reach by phone.


hits on a new corrosion-specific landing page

new visitors to client's website



click-throughs on a full-year ad term

May 2013 - May 2015

It wasn't long before this new corrosion coating became one of DuPont’s top selling products. In a tight industry like oil and gas, it would be a success for new prospects to even remotely consider a different product. Achieving widespread industry disruption was a massive accomplishment.

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