Nurse Nerds - A brand created by The Alias Group to target a specific audience

Sometimes, to reach a whole new audience, a company needs an entirely new face. With Nurse Nerds, this face needed to reach specifically Caucasian females, ages 18-31, who attended 4-year universities and lived in Urban Areas within the United States. How did we know all of this? Exam Master purchased our Market Research and Branding packages to accomplish a task that was, at the time, too daunting for them to take on themselves. They needed to understand the audience they wished to target (those that would purchase Exam Master study materials specifically created for NCLEX and FNP preparation and desired a new look to target this audience.


Other than informative research findings, below are the materials that we provided; a logo, brand guide, website, business cards, presentation template, blog and blog content, infographics, advertisements, social campaigns, and trade show collateral.

Nurse Nerds swag for nursing students - Branding Services by The Alias Group
Nurse Nerds brand guide creation and infographic graphic design - Branding Services by The Alias Group
Nurse Nerds website creation - Branding Services and Website Services by The Alias Group


Miles Scientific - Rebranding services for a disorganized brand by The Alias Group

Miles Scientific (formerly known as Analtech) had a disarray of fonts, colors, and even multiple brand names. Alias worked with them to not only supply possible rebranding options but did several projects with the company to replace outdated packaging, marketing collateral, and trade show materials.

Miles Scientific brand guide creation and brand collateral creation - Branding Services by The Alias Group
Miles Scientific trade show pull up banners and brand collateral - Branding Services and Trade Show Design Work by The Alias Group