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Unique Focus

Solution-based thinking to provide critical assistance.

Company: The Alias Group specializes in the art and the science of process analysis, reconstruction, implementation, and management. Our origin comes from pinpointing and filling a gap in a market.  We don’t just identify your company’s weaknesses and strengths, we work in the trenches to minimize the former and maximize the latter.


Culture: We believe that our energy is best spent focusing on growth oriented activities, so we zero in on hiring talent that can self-manage, think critically, and act independent of a traditional hierarchy. We seek intellectually curious, emotionally mature, and driven team members. Success is based on an individual’s merits and service to the greater good of the company.

core values

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Genuine Connection
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Genuine Connection

The heart of good business.

Company: We at The Alias Group form authentic connections with both customers and vendors as the cornerstone to what we do. Beyond helping you sell, we are your problem solvers, mediators, and advocates all rolled into one. We strongly believe open, honest communication builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We listen before we speak; we analyze before we strategize.


Culture: We genuinely care about the work we do and the people with which we work. Our collaborative team structure gives us the ability to join forces with people that both share our interests and challenge our views. Alias fosters an environment that offers the potential for professional growth each and every day; we are comfortable with taking risks and unafraid of prudent failure.

Deliver More
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Deliver More

Providing more than people expect.

Company: So often, companies are satisfied with a job well done. At The Alias Group, we go one step further. We figure out what you need and then ask how else we can help. Our teams dig deep to evaluate ways our partners can reduce their cost of sale, maximize their profits, and develop new avenues of tapping into business potential. We not only meet, we exceed goals; we not only satisfy, we impress.


Culture: The Alias Group boasts a one-of-a-kind, vibrant, work environment where team members are treated like the professionals they are. Our Leadership Team stays on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship by regularly reviewing and revising workplace policy and structure as well as providing first class facilities so that team members feel they and their contributions are recognized and valued. From implementing an Open PTO policy to extending flexibility to schedules and dress code, as well as encouraging socialization and camaraderie, Alias remains a progressive place to succeed.

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