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ProspecT & redefine your existing customer base

Expand your funnel while entering a new market

Your outside sales team is usually focused on growing your top accounts and mining for big, new opportunities. But who is paying attention to your existing customers? These often-neglected customers can be your best source for market share growth. Our outsourced inside sales teams prospect proactively and persistently by phone and email, and they are always on the lookout for new opportunities with existing customers.

When entering a new market, you need an inside sales team that can go quickly from lead to close with both new and existing customers. We customize the strategy, assemble the best outsourced inside sales team, and optimize the processes to support them. And we do it all "for you, as you."

Full Service B2B Inside Sales Service: Expand your funnel while entering a new market

choose this if…

  • You need help segmenting your customer base

  • You are struggling with hiring or keeping the right sales talent

  • You need someone to manage all parts of your sales funnel

  • You don’t have a sales team 

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Full Service Inside Sales

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