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Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud goes beyond lead nurturing to focus on relationship building, cross-selling, and customer journey management for the long term. This B2C customer management tool engages with customer touchpoints across all platforms from a consolidated workspace

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The Alias Group provides Marketing Cloud Implementation Services that engage with customers, customer and data management processes that facilitate program management, and lead scoring tools that prioritize time management. One thing to note is that Marketing Cloud can integrate fully with Sales Cloud, but you don’t necessarily have to be a Sales Cloud subscriber.

There are a number of facets under Marketing Cloud that make customer management easier. For instance, “Marketing Cloud Connect” keeps customer experiences seamless by synching customer data across marketing, sales, and service touchpoints. “Journey Builder” is an automation tool for building personalized customer journeys across email, mobile, advertising, and web activities. “Audience Builder,” “Personalization Builder,” “Content Builder,” and “Analytics Builder” all contribute to developing and managing the key processes that collect, organize, and analyze data—and predict the most productive next steps.

Discover more about all the Marketing Cloud tools.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services​

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