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origin story

Twenty years ago, our company started out as a small business with a few people wearing multiple hats. It was all hustle all the time just to get the job done. There was no sales process because we were treading water with the demands we had. Understanding our customer base wasn’t a priority; we were just happy we had customers. We knew that we should be doing marketing, but there was no time to take it on. Maintaining wasn’t going to work forever.

The Alias Group: B2B marketing agency and B2B inside sales company focused on sales and marketing alignment

Our approach prevented us from reaching the company’s potential. We evolved. We added a sales process. It was repeatable. It was efficient. It was effective.


Restructuring who was doing what, as well as how they were doing it, opened new doors and freed up time for innovation and growth. We knew customers were our life-blood and that keeping in touch with all of them was a weak spot. Adding a CRM tool allowed us to track and monitor customer relations and transformed communication from sporadic to strategic. We were doing a great job with our existing customer base but needed to implement tools to acquire new accounts. We added the Marketing department which could position us online to appeal to a whole new group, even a new generation of clients.

We learned, through trial and error, through research and experience, through professional education and mentors how to become who we wanted to be.

Our next move became clear: we would bring the tools, resources, manpower, and experience necessary for continual success to other companies and help them discover their own Growth Identity.

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