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How to Recommit toLead Qualifying Strategiesthat Work for Manufacturing

LEARN SIX mistakes and the fixes that will drive outside saleS IN MANUFACTURING:

Where Lead Qualifying in Manufacturing Misses the Mark

It’s no secret that sales support resources often end up on the back burner at small- and medium-sized manufacturingcompanies. But how can you get back on track quickly?


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You may have already tried investing in inbound digital marketing technologies and got nothing in return. Or you tried having customer service pick up the slack, or have given your outside sales team yet one more chance to find the time to cold call in their spare time.What you really need are real people doing real work. Manufacturing and B2B sales are different because they often have a specific product with a specific message selling to a narrow market. In manufacturing, what works is dedicating staff or outsourced inside sales to do the hard work of mining cold leads, qualifying prospects, and nailing down sales appointments.

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