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The Evolution of Alias

The Alias Group has not always been what it is. What began as a small, family run company with every employee wearing multiple hats, has blossomed into a growing business that stays on the cutting edge of all sales, business, planning, and processing trends and tactics.

The adaptation of our new identity, our evolution from simply selling one product for one company in the industrial world, to providing robust sales, marketing, planning, and processing services for both business to business and business to consumer companies in multiple sectors was a learning curve.

Using ourselves as guinea pigs, we figured out what worked, such as focusing on staying in touch with all customers, implementing repeatable sales processes, having a deliberate marketing plan that fosters growth. We also figured out what did not work. Our mistakes became just as, if not more important than our successes.

We would fail, fall, get up, brush ourselves off, and learn the lesson. It wasn’t easy or linear, but it was thorough and effective.

Charles Darwin famously asserted that a species survives and thrives if it can adapt. Alias is a result of evolution and is committed to continually adapting to stay ahead of the proverbial pack in the business world.

Find out more about how The Alias Group has evolved and what we are all about.

What is The Alias Group?

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