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Learn To Say “No” to Grow

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of…well, anything is putting the right people in the right positions. Whether we’re talking about which players go where on a field or who gets cast as what part in a movie, making sure people and positions are aligned to achieve success is crucial.

The same is true in a business. If your business plan and idea are out of this world brilliant, but you have someone who can’t communicate vision, can’t motivate employees, can’t execute a plan in place, and ultimately can’t steer the ship, you are headed for a Titanic-type ending.

Aligning employees with the best position for them helps achieve business success

We at The Alias Group are quite proud of our Leadership Team and how effectively they work together. Is it perfect? Of course not, but it’s pretty close. There are of course all the standard elements of success that are required: trust, communication, accountability, etc. but the unique part about how The Alias Group leads is the complementary roles each person plays. While Tony, Chris, and Mike all work together to make The Alias Group outclass the competition, they focus on where each person excels and delegate everything else.

Hiring for strengths is a mantra we practice as well as preach.

Knowing what to say “no” to allows everyone to spend more time on the tasks, projects, and clients that matter. For example, Tony, our resident sales expert, knows he is not the best resource for the marketing department. He kills it in sales, so why take any of his time away from that strength to work on something where he’s less effective? It does not help the customer, the employee, or Tony.

The same is true for any company that is great at manufacturing a product but is not predisposed to manage the sales or marketing of that product.

Consider the energy you’re putting into activities that are necessary to keeping the company running but are taking you away from where you can have the biggest impact. More simply put, just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

Playing to strengths is what makes leaders, companies, and businesses thrive.

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