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No Status Quo

Who doesn’t want to be the next Facebook or Google? They’re extremely successful companies with a reputation for having a culture that retains the best talent in the field. Here’s the thing: you aren’t Google or Facebook. So, their culture, their values, and their environment is not going to directly translate, and taking down all the cubicles and walls in your office isn’t going to change that fact.

How to create a good company. Step 1: Don't follow any advice blindly

Speaking of Google, do me a favor: Google “how to create a good company” and see how many times the same advice pops up. Now, answer this: if so many people can repeat the concepts surrounding company success, why are there so many people complaining about their jobs and bosses and companies? Hmmm…something isn’t adding up.

Here’s the issue: everyone is giving the same advice because they think that it’s a one-size-fits-all problem. The reality is that every company is serving different needs for different customers with different staff under different leadership. Why would one solution fit everyone? It doesn’t.

The sooner you can realize that following advice blindly will lead to a demise you can’t see coming, the better.

The alternative, the only real solution, is to reject the idea of a status quo for how to do things. Maybe you need a typical corporate structure. Maybe you need a flat culture. Maybe you need to offer flexibility for employees to work remotely. Maybe you need to scale down. Maybe you need to beef up your teams. There are limitless options for solutions to any company’s problem. It’s time to take an honest look at who you and your people are and how they should best be managed to optimize productivity and profitability.

When you’re considering how you can improve or reorganize your company, don’t use what everyone else does. You’re not everyone else. If you lack the time, energy, or ability to give your business an honest look and objective analysis of what you need, that’s what The Alias Group can do. We’re proud of our unique culture and way of doing things, and we know that it takes more than a cosmetic change to improve. Our team does not show up with an answer that we will make fit. We find the best fit and work with you to make it a reality in the most effective way possible.

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