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Culture of Success Series: You Can Ring My Bell

Ring the bell: celebrating success in the workplace

Listen up bosses, managers, and others in charge of ensuring salespeople make sales. I want to let you in on a little custom we have at The Alias Group that would make Anita Ward happy: We ring that bell.

Tony Abato, the don of our sales team, brings a lot to the table when it comes to training, managing, and galvanizing our sales team members. While he may posture as the old-salt-intimidating-Italian godfather of the office, he understands and embraces the value of rewarding a job well done.

The rule at The Alias Group is when you make a sale of any significance: your first, a big one, a new client, after a dry spell, when you’ve been working the lead for forever, whatever it is, you ring the bell. That’s it. It’s not about giving a cash incentive or a day off or any reward that costs anyone anything. Instead, it’s a tradition that is so ingrained in our culture everyone in the company genuinely gets pumped to ring the bell or cheer someone on as they ring the bell.

It’s the little things that are specific to a company’s identity that will motivate and create the all-important, intangible atmosphere of positivity.

It may seem difficult to get, let alone maintain, enthusiasm among your people to do what they’re being paid to do. But the truth is, it’s easier than you think.

Let your employees know they are valued by celebrating the little accomplishments that happen every day. Whether you start a brag board in a communal space where people can share how they went above and beyond for a client or have them ring a bell or something totally different, acknowledging a job well done is the number one way to keep people doing their jobs well.

And if it seems like it’s getting a little stale, you can always shake it up a bit. Just remember to:

  • Make it a natural fit to your culture

  • Apply it consistently

  • Keep it fun

If you can implement this small practice into your routines, your business will reap the benefits of all the rewards you bestow. So go ahead, get creatively generous, and if you need help figuring out what that looks like for your culture, we can help.

We’ll even let you ring the bell when we’re done. You know you want to.

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