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Spotlight on Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson, President of The Alias Group

We want to introduce you to our Leadership Team members so you can get to know the faces and personalities behind all the great work we do. So, we’ve decided to spotlight each member individually and tell you some things you want to know about them and how they got to where they are, and a few odds and ends that actually make them a person. So, without further adieu, meet Mike!

Position: The boss, owner, president, head honcho, top guy who runs this place.

Education: A Delaware Blue Hen with an MBA

Motto: “Work hard; play hard”

Work related passion: Marketing and constantly finding ways to grow, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve.

Favorite challenge: Reinventing the corporate structure and culture to allow and encourage continued growth.

Big move: In 2011 he transitioned out of the small office/warehouse to our seriously gorgeous current space that offers all the technological perks and comforts that fit our brand.

What employees say about Mike: “Mike makes everyone feel part of the team. He is a very approachable leader with a competitive nature and passion for success.” -KB

What Mike wants for the future: “My ultimate goal is to have Alias be a self-sustaining company powered by the employees. That is the evolution of a truly successful business. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished; however, we are not even close to being what we will be in the future.”

When Mike isn’t working: There isn’t a time Mike isn’t working, but when he’s not in the office or traveling for work, he’s enjoying salt life with his family at the beach.

Mike’s ability to evolve, inspire others, and implement practical solutions into action are the cornerstones to all the success he continues to reap. Get to know Mike and all the members of The Alias Group by checking back here for more Spotlights.

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