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An Idea That Grew On Us

Once we knew who we were and what we were going to bring to the table, it was time to get laser focused. We had no intention of being a carbon copy of the vanilla, paint-by-number, outsourcing companies out there. What we have is unique, and it was imperative that we find a way to convey that to everyone.

Ironically, Alias needed a name for what we deliver.

The Alias Group Growth Identity: the whole package that encompasses growing every part of your business to success

“Growth Identity” was born. A Growth Identity is a comprehensive, consistent business edict and practice that markets and sells you to all of your existing and potential customers, allowing for purposeful growth. It’s a whole package that encompasses growing every part of making your business a success.

It took a while to come up with and then come around to the name for the thing that hasn’t been done before. We knew that it had to be something clean and simple, like our process; it had to be something original, like our approach; it had to be something complete, like the service we provide.

When the hive minded settled on “Growth Identity”, we needed to come to a consensus on what it was not:

  • It wasn’t about having an impersonal, over seas call center.

  • It wasn’t about being consultants, vanishing when there was real work to be done.

  • It wasn’t about being everything to everyone.

Growth Identity has to encompass so much: our commitment to working with full transparency, our willingness to get our hands dirty and do the work required to achieve success, and our passion for taking the universal fears inherent in running any business and providing guidance for others from a place of apprehension to a place of confidence.

Our Growth Identity provides the ultimate, one-of-a-kind plan to take your business to the next level (if we do say so ourselves). It’s comprehensive and consistent. It markets and sells to all of your existing and potential customers. Having a Growth Identity is the most efficient path to purposeful growth. We are really into it (obvi), and want you to be too. Check out more about our Growth Identity here.

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