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Seasonal Series: Making Content Sparkle

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Content: it’s king. Content that doesn’t engage with your audience is…well to borrow from one of the greatest movies of all time, “as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.” Your content is essential to every stage of the customer’s journey. Whether you’re trying to connect to new leads, convert them from another product or brand to yours, close them on the deal, or care enough to spread the word about your business, your content has to be stellar.

In short, it must sparkle.

You can’t ignore sparkles. They get your attention, they stick to you, they’re memorable, and they are fun. That’s what your content has to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get someone’s attention to talk about the latest technology in coat hangers or the cure for a deadly disease, you have to sparkle.

Your product or services may not seem particularly sparkle worthy, but they are. The best way to get your goods to glitter is adhering to the old adage: honesty is the best policy.

We’ve all had those insomniac nights that involve shouting, “Cooking spaghetti isn’t that hard you moron!” at infomercials featuring over-actors somehow making an exaggerated mess of the simplest task. They’re not connecting with their audiences. Why not make the message, the content, sparkle with simple honesty: “you think it’s easy to make spaghetti now? Wait until you try it with this”.

A tongue-in-cheek approach can do wonders when you know that your products or services may not be needed as much as they are wanted or even a curious oddity. “What will you do with all of that free time now that making spaghetti is so much easier?”

Maybe you can be a little esoteric or absurdist in your humor. Take a page out of the books of Dollar Shave Club or PooPourri. Yes it involves taking risks. Not stupid risks; calculated, smartly executed risks with killer content.

If you’re writing the same kind of copy and sending the same message as your competitors, congratulations: you’ve just made yourself virtually invisible to your customers.

Making content sparkle is not for the faint of heart, non-creative, poor writers. So, if you’re looking at what you have to say and thinking it could use a little extra shine, it’s time to breakout your bedazzler.

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