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Evolution: Kings, Dogs, Jungles, and What It Has to Do with Business

The Alias Group - Sales company in Newark, Delaware

We’ve all heard that lions are the “king of the jungle” right? Well, as the more evolved species, scientifically speaking, we have the ability to not accept their marketing slogan at face value and ask for some cold hard facts behind the claim.

A lion’s successful catch rate when hunting is 30%. So, only 3 out of 10 times that a lion hunts will it actually catch its prey. It begs the question: is this the royal standard? Nope. It’s just a great tagline for the big cats.

Many predators’ catch rates exceed that of the mighty lion. For instance, the oft-detested shark has a catch rate of 55%, almost twice that of the lion despite not having even half the fan base. But any press is good press right? What may surprise you even more is the most successful predator is the African dog. This practically unheard of hunter has a success rate of 80%. The highly social, pack animals are the real winners in the predator world.

You may be checking the URL to make sure you haven’t stumbled onto a National Geographic page by accident. You didn’t. Stop looking at your computer and gaze into the proverbial mirror.

Ask yourself two questions: do you have the marketing collateral of the lion and the sales success of the African dog? What exactly are your “catch rates”? How are you perceived among your targeted audience?

While the disparity between the perceived and true kings of the predatory world may be significant, humans have evolved and aren’t top of the food chain for nothing.

The point is, with the right tools in place, you can outpace and outshine the competition. Whether you need a dedicated marketing team to brand you and connect with your clients and potential clients in a way that’s meaningful and value-adding, or a business plan and process that instates or improves systems to streamline workflow and increase efficiency, or an inside sales team that both saves cost and increases revenue, The Alias Group modules can fill in the gaps of your catch success rate to put you at the head of pack.

The Alias approach is about working with your existing strengths, starting from where you are, and then creating or augmenting your Growth Identity. Your less than exemplary sales or marketing presence can come from sources that you’re simply unable to address yourself simply because you’ve got prey-seeking blinders on. In reality, an objective third party perspective can bring new insights and lead to a sustainable, long-term success.

Don’t be deluded by your own marketing into believing 30% is the best success rate you can get when there are those with 80%. Likewise, don’t make it near impossible for your customers to find you. If they have never heard of your 80% success rate, you might as well be at 0%. The Alias Group closes those gaps to crown you the real king of your business.

Evolve. Be both. Be more. Be the best.

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