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Outsourcing Series: How to Manage 10,000 Babies

The main reason to outsource work in your business is very simple: you can’t do it all. Sorry, but it’s confirmed that you are human and have limits. Frustrating, right? Nobody likes handing over control of anything, let alone what you value most. It’s tough to trust someone to take care of your “baby” as well as you would. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have just one “baby” when you are running a company. You have somewhere between 10-10,000 babies. Can you single-handedly provide the best care possible to that many babies? Of course not.

It takes a village…

To do anything well, you need to allow influences outside of yourself to help groom and shape what you’re building. It means giving up some control to gain a lot of profit.

If your business is going well, it will only get more impossible to handle everything yourself. So, now it’s time to hire help. Let’s assume that your expertise is in manufacturing. You make one hell of a product, but you just don’t have the time, connections, experience, or interest in actually selling it. You’re not exactly hot for cold calls. Natural next move: you hire someone to take care of sales. Good move: practice your strengths; hire your weaknesses. It’s business success 101. Now ask yourself, if you’re not in sales, nor have a background in sales, how will you know you’re hiring someone that can actually sell?

B2B Inside Sales tips from The Alias Group - B2B sales company Newark, Delaware

Plot twist!

Do you know what to look for? What questions will you ask to substantiate a prospect’s true value? Is their little black book of contacts actually enough? Knowing you need help is only step 1 of building your empire. Knowing who to hire for that help is the critical step 2.

By choosing to outsource inside sales, you’re asking professionals in a field to do what they do best in order for you to do what you do best.

The Alias Group does sales and marketing for you, as you, meaning that if you team up with Alias, you reap the benefit of having inside sales experts grow your business, with the cherry on top that we do it as you. Integration is seamless because your customers hear your company’s name on phone calls, send and receive e-mails from your company domain name with your company’s signature line, and receive invoices from your company. We do the work; you get the glory.

The difference between hiring Alias and hiring a sales employee is that you save because you get a team for less than the cost of an employee, don’t carry overhead, don’t have to train anyone, insure anyone, fire anyone…I think you get the point.

It can cost less and benefit you more to outsource your sales to the right people. Check out our most popular modules to see how some of our clients are benefiting from our services then give us a call to see how having an alias can help you gain control by letting go.

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