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Outsource Series: Be Fearless; Get to Know The Alias Group Process

Fear of the unknown: the most universal source of apprehension. I’m no scientist, but it makes sense that our not wanting to venture into situations we don’t understand, or align with people we don’t know, goes as far back as hunting wooly mammoths with spears. It’s not exactly an easy trait to get rid of.

Outsourcing your work, especially the vital tasks like sales and marketing, can be terrifying. How do you know you’re making a smart investment and not buying proverbial snake oil? Well, there’s one easy way to clear the fear: pull back the curtain and find out exactly what you’re purchasing.

Outsource marketing services with The Alias Group, local marketing agency in Newark, Delaware

We can’t speak for anyone else, so we are here to tell you the process of outsourcing to The Alias Group. Our goal is that your fear will be soothed, and you will conquer that primal part of you that is preventing you from evolving your business.

Step 1: We talk, either by phone or in person. We get to know where you have come from and where you want to go. Ultimately, we need to hear what your goals are and the major challenges that are keeping you from achieving those goals. If it seems like we might be able to help, we will schedule a second meeting, in person and with all the decision makers.

Step 2: We will meet in person, or virtually if necessary, to present The Alias Approach. We will share our portfolio, our success stories, and our own journey of how we got into this business. We will drill down on the needs you mentioned in our first conversation and come to a more complete understanding of your expectations. We will suggest some broad recommendations about what will be a good solution. Once everyone is on the same page with the general idea of how to move forward, we take the next step.

Step 3: We will take some time, a few days or a couple of weeks depending on everyone’s schedule and needs, to come up with a formal proposal. We may contact you with follow-up questions, or we may have all the information we need to write up our proposal. We will meet again to submit the proposal, complete with specified dates, prices, and measurable activities.

Step 4: Assuming we come to an agreement on the proposal and you’re all in, this is where the rubber meets the road. We agree on a start date and set you up with any necessary technology, introduce any team members you haven’t yet met that will be working with you, and get all the loose ends tied up that need to be in place before beginning. Then we get started!

Step 5: We do the work. You will mainly communicate with a designated account manager to maintain transparency and communication. We need you to be involved and invested because nobody knows your business and customers like you. As we continue to work, we do so as you. Assuming your company’s identity eliminates any confusion on the part of the customer and maintains the integrity of your company’s identity.

So, that’s it. Outsourcing to The Alias Group simply means you have a cost effective, simple way to tackle your sales, marketing, business planning, and processing woes that have been on your to-do list for months or years. So, don’t be scared. There are no boogeymen in the closet or monsters under the bed waiting to pop out at the last minute with some scary fine print. This is who we are and what we do. We’d love to get to know all about who you are and how we can help you do what you do.

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