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The Wheel of Success Goes Round and Round

The Alias Group Culture of Success: spin the wheel

Success in business doesn’t have to involve reinventing the wheel. While it may be sexier to chase the big goals, in reality, the stamina it takes to reach them without faltering is superhuman.

Instead of beating yourself up for not getting the golden ticket, try enjoying the chocolate.

At the Alias Group, we have a unique way of celebrating reaching sales goals. We spin the wheel. Within the month of meeting the sales goal, different prizes are added to the wheel. These can range anywhere from small or large cash prizes to comp’d events and experiences. We all gather as names are drawn and each employee takes a spin. Whatever the prize, it’s always a refreshing and fun break to take some time out of the day and be together with the subtle reminder that we are good at what we do.

Is part of the fun winning cool stuff? Of course. Yes. Always. However, does everyone love spinning the wheel because of what they get? Not really. It’s about being recognized for what you’ve done to contribute to the company’s success. It’s about coming together and saying collectively, we do more than we ever could do alone. It’s about loving that our president would take both the time out of the day and the money to reward us for simply reaching the raised bar.

How is this success reciprocated? Pretty naturally. The gratitude comes full circle. Am I beating the metaphor to death yet? We’ve said it before on this blog, but it’s worth repeating because it’s the heart of success.

If you make your employees feel that you genuinely appreciate them, they will work harder for you to show they appreciate how much you appreciate them.

When it comes to encouraging your coworkers or employees, you don’t have to spin out of control trying to find a way to inspire and reward. Be creative and genuine and you will reap all the benefits of improving your culture and multiplying success.

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