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Spotlight on Tony Abato

Today you get to learn more about the third and final member on the Leadership Team. We are putting the spotlight on VP Tony Abato! Tony is all things old-school sales and can wax on about the history, techniques, and philosophy behind sales for as long as you can listen. When you want to study a master of the dials, you come to Tony’s office. Find out more about Tony below.

Tony Abato, VP of Sales at The Alias Group

Position: Vice President of Sales; Sales Mentor; The Don of Sales; Godfather

Work related passion: When I decided 10 years into being a sales guy that it was a profession, I fell in love with the things required to motivate, influence, and persuade people. I love being able to use these skills in all aspects of life.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in English & History at the University of Maryland; I got into sales because I couldn’t make money teaching those subjects.

Motto: “Do the right and little things every day and good things happen.”

Favorite challenge: I find that 90% of people in sales don’t want to do what it takes to be successful. My favorite challenge is finding the people that want to do this kind of stuff. They care, work hard, and they want to do things that are out of their comfort zone and promote their personal growth. If you have a heart for it, it’s all fun. No such thing as a boring salesperson.

Big move: Biggest career move was the first move, which was with Xerox. It was 100% structure, sales, and training. You can’t minimize the importance of that over time.

What employees say about Tony: “Tony’s ability to recognize when you need a one on one coaching session is uncanny. He is always willing to dive in and help, no matter what the issue is at hand.” - CG

What Tony wants for the future: “Growing our company through growing other companies. I think Alias is the culmination or combination of what we have been thinking about and talking about for 10 years. I think we are right on track, and all the chess pieces are in place to make the most of past experiences.”

When Tony Isn’t Working: Cook and be with people I love and enjoy.

Tony’s skills when it comes to working with people on all levels in a company, getting past objections to find mutual solutions, and training people on the technical skills required to reach sales goals are invaluable to our company personally and all the companies we work with. Get to know all the members of The Alias Group by checking back here for more Spotlights.


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