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Scary Story Series: Don’t Get Left Behind

Staying relevant in the marketplace: don't get left behind

Lost. In the dark: a ubiquitous fear that’s been with us since we first heard about Red Riding Hood’s fateful encounter when she strayed from the path. We don’t shake it off as we get older; it simply evolves and permeates different parts of our lives. We become scared of losing it all. Words of comfort are empty and meaningless. The frightening truth is that some people will get ahead. And some will be...LEFT BEHIND.

A company needs to hold on to an identity that can endure, a product or service that becomes synonymous with the company itself. However, there comes a time when what may have been an anchor mutates into an anvil.

Take the innovative cell phone manufacturer that resisted the smartphone revolution… and died the slow death of irrelevance. The terrifying tale of those who only planned for the current marketplace with no vision of how things could evolve and no plan for that different future clearly didn’t take Henry Ford’s advice.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

-Henry Ford

Don’t be the MySpace to someone’s Facebook, the Blockbuster to their Netflix. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young start-up or if you’ve been around for over a hundred years. Any company can fail. That is what’s so terrifying. Don’t get left behind. Fight through the opposition sent to destroy you by staying inventive. You’ll be able to defeat the monsters and live to star in the sequel.

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