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Culture of Success Series: Making a Re-Brand Bell-Ringing Worthy

We’re really excited about a recent win we’ve had at The Alias Group. Without giving away too much, because the whole point of our business is to do sales and marketing under the alias of our clients’ companies, we are working on rebranding and launching a product that straddles both the education and nursing worlds. After a thorough market research project, our team identified the target potential customers, the communication platforms to reach them, and what appeals to them.

In short, we found out everything about who they wanted to reach.

Ringing the bell is how The Alias Group celebrates success

It was time to come up with a brand and propose it to the owner. This particular brand recommendation involved a huge leap of faith from our client. It was an approach he had not considered and that would not necessarily appeal to him because…well, he isn’t the target customer.

We had to sell this concept and the reasoning behind it. It was time to really prove ourselves and not come across as a group of people who thought of something cool and were just suggesting it with a shrug and a “good luck”.

We presented the findings, the brand suggestion, the designs, the taglines, everything. We took a breath. Our client had some valid questions and objections that we had anticipated and prepared for.

There was a long pause. Then he agreed with everything we said and decided to go for it.

We launch soon, and could not be more excited to be involved in the evolution of this new brand. Nor could we be more honored to have been entrusted with such an important job.

We are proud of how hard we work, and while we have a great time brainstorming and not taking ourselves too seriously, we take the responsibility of our roles seriously and do our very best. This time, it paid off, and we now have a client as enthusiastic about the new identity as we are.

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