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Spotlight on Kate Morgner

Today’s very special spotlight is on a very special member of our team: Kate Morgner! Kate not only originally headed up the Marketing team, she was the marketing team. The foundation to all of our pillars, Kate is a powerhouse of knowledge, talent, and efficiency. We are pretty sure she was the inspiration for the cliché, “when you want something done, give it to a busy person.” Find out more about Kate in her spotlight interview below.

Position: Marketing Strategist; Maker of Marketing Magic; The Woman Behind It All

Work related passion: The eternal planner and wonder-mom, Kate loves to organize projects and encourage people in their strengths, helping them to find their passions, especially when it comes to helping companies.

Education: Studied and earned a bachelor’s degree in education. “In all my positions, I have leveraged what I learned about teaching. Communicating ideas and instructing have been elemental in all jobs that I have held in my career.”

Motto: “Work smarter not harder” and

“Do what you love”

Favorite challenge: When Sales doesn’t believe Marketing can help. “I love the challenge of working with sales and making a difference in the sales process for them.”

Big move: At the time, starting at Alias didn’t seem like that big of a move, but now with the evolution of my job and our marketing team, it was kind of a big deal.

What employees say about Kate: “Kate is a great leader and mentor who knows how to give you a little push in the right direction when you need it while also inspiring us to unleash our full creative potential without boundaries.” –E.L.

What Kate wants for the future: In a word: greatness! To continue to strive for the best of my own talents and abilities and help customers achieve greatness in their companies through marketing and sales.

When Kate isn’t working: She is wrangling two little ones, enjoying the great outdoors, updating her 1940s home with her husband, and enjoying a good IPA or glass of wine with friends.

Kate’s ability to stay calm in the midst of any storm, preparedness for all contingencies, and incredibly warm and engaging disposition make her valuable to us as more than a marketing strategist. She’s part of the heart of the company and puts some of that heart into every client she works with. Get to know all the members of The Alias Group by checking back here for more Spotlights.

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