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Spotlight on Monica

Position: Accounting Manager. Responsible for all things financial. Queen Midas.

Work related passion: Assisting co-workers with solutions to their work challenges. I see my job as keeping things flowing internally. The majority of our employees work with those outside of the company. I love to work with all of our teams on the inside to make their jobs run smoother and in a direction that is productive for them and our clients.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Bucknell University; Certified Public Accountant; Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Loyola University.

Motto: Focus on what you can do to be a better person in all aspects of your life!

Favorite challenge: When a co-worker approaches me with "I can't figure this out," it brightens my day to help with something that takes thought.

Big move: After working in public accounting for a handful of years, I obtained my teaching certification and taught high school math and computer courses. I then took a ten year break and stayed home to raise my three boys. I always thought I would return to the classroom. The stars shifted in the universe and aligned to bring me an opportunity to join the Alias team instead. Alias allows me the flexibility to balance a healthy family lifestyle with a challenging work environment. I am very excited to be back to my accounting roots!

What employees say about Monica: "Monica is a great mentor to look up to as she knows how to motivate, challenge and inspire me to do better." -E.F.

What Monica wants for the future: To continue growing with Alias. I want to be able to provide internal solutions that will make us a success externally! Things have been moving at a high speed pace since I started five years ago. I hope the next five are just as exciting!

When Monica isn’t working: Being an involved mother and wife is my number one priority. I am constantly running to various activities with my husband and three boys. I even find some time to coach the basketball teams of my two youngest. For some "me" time, I enjoy hitting the casino. Someday I may even win!

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