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Is Your Company Winter Weather Compatible?

Winter has come, and with it, Delaware’s first significant snowfall. Watching those white flakes silently fall made me think about how businesses could do well just by emulating this weather pattern.

Listen to snow fall. It silently does its work and lets the cumulative results speak for themselves.

It doesn’t have to announce its coming; everyone notices right away. It goes about, quietly blanketing its target and changing the familiar into something new.

Snow isn’t all work and no play. Sure, you need to shovel a path or clear your car. It demands something from you, reminding us that it is powerful, but there’s so much more to it than just toil. Snow reminds you to take a break too. Whether you’re making a snow angel, a snowman, sledding down a hill, or staying cozy on the couch, snow reminds us that finding balance in our lives involves not taking ourselves seriously all the time.

Snow’s impact is only effective because of its collective power.

It’s the age of the entrepreneur; everyone is looking for his or her individual glory and fortune because those are the viral stories we can’t seem to escape between the news and social media. It must just be out of our grasp. The truth is that what most people are looking for is to make an impact, and the best way to do that is with others. More people can do more together. It’s that simple.

Become as consequential as a blizzard. The longer you stick around, the more seriously people will take you. If you’re there and gone, it’s not likely that you’ve made much of a difference. When you end up staying around, people will adjust to and make more time for you.

How can we mention snow and neglect the ubiquitous symbol of uniqueness inherent in a snowflake? If you emulate nothing else, emulate the snowflake itself. Find what makes you, your business, your services, your company unique and build around that.

Stay warm friends.

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