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We All Have 24 Hours

What do you, Beyoncé, Richard Branson, and Betty White have in common? You all have the same amount of hours in a day. Whether you’re slaying in heels while the world worships, flying around as the icon of success and philanthropy, going viral on social media for being the quintessential sassy grandma of the country, or are trying to grow your business, you have exactly 24 hours every day to do it.

In the competitive landscape of achieving business goals, is there a proverbial level playing field? No, but there are equalizers, and the number of hours in the day is one of them. Leverage this tool to your advantage. We aren’t talking about getting two hours of sleep and moving along nose to the grindstone the other 22 hours of the day. Nor are we talking about running from task to task trying to get things done with no plan. Being busy is hardly the same as being effective. If that’s your mindset, go back and read our blog titled “Fetishizing Busyness”. So, how do you leverage the time you have to outperform your competitors and accomplish business goals?

Having a sales process that is efficient, repeatable, and effective makes the most of your time and multiplies your money. The Alias Group allows you to outsource inside sales or sales management, opening up more time for your team to work on high-level business growth projects. Our flexible modules allow us to work with your known customer base, outside sales team, or even both to make dials and close deals. The Alias Group’s sales modules let you focus on the top 20% of your customers while we work with you to grow and nurture the other 80%, add new customers to your base, or increase the sales revenue per customer.

Your 24 hours are not going to look like someone else’s 24. How does Richard Branson find the time to run so many companies, work with so many charities, and do so much? He prioritizes what will make him the most money and what requires his presence; that is what gets his personal attention. The rest can get outsourced.

Consider this example: Queen Bey has to get to workout and rehearse before going on tour. Nobody else can do those things for her, and they’re essential to her success. So, is picking up her dry cleaning, cooking her meals, and cleaning her house equally worth her time? No. She can outsource that so her efforts can be where she will make the greatest impact.

Look at how you’re spending the hours in your day. Are you doing tasks that could be outsourced? Is your team focusing on the highest revenue producing activities? Or is everyone just a little too busy? It’s time to think differently, outsource, and grow.

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