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Spotlight on Account Manager Nicole McCall

Position: Nicole, Nikki, The fine wine of Sales, Nik Nack

Work related passion: I love helping people grow and succeed in their careers. I also love brainstorming with people and learning from each other, and working as a team to find the best solution in any situation.

Education: Studied Criminal Justice at Delaware Technical Community College on a softball scholarship and studied Accounting at Wilmington University.

Motto: “Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going.”

Favorite challenge: Finding a way to invigorate sales; putting together a strategic sales plan for our team, then watching our sales soar!

Big move: My major move was into a Market Development Role in the mold release industry.

What employees say about Nikki:"Nicole’s dedication and support for her fellow sales team and drive to be a great sales person is a true asset to all.” M.L.P.

What Nikki wants for the future: Continue growing to be the best we can be. Never look back and keep moving forward. I see Alias continuing to be the support for all business owners who have a vision and allowing Alias to put that vision in place so they can be successful.

When Nikki isn’t working: Spending time with my loving husband, whose military service I am so proud of, and my daughters, who are the reason I do what I do. We enjoy dance recitals, soccer games, and family trips. Hot Yoga classes and running keep me sane, but what I love most of all is hosting dinners and drinks for family and friends.


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