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Don’t Use Every Tool in the Shed

Marketing companies are competing in a crowded space. While there’s no shortage of options in terms of which marketing company you could go with, the same could be said about marketing activities. You could go insane trying to do it all. An infographic, SEO, blogging, social media, branding, storyselling, explainer videos, newsletters, website redesigns, and the list goes on and on; there are a million ways marketing can eat up your budget.

The problem becomes that as soon as you’ve committed to a limited set of marketing efforts, shiny object syndrome kicks in. You start to chase the newest marketing gimmicks to try and reach your customers.

Marketing can spend your money or make you money. It all depends on how you use it.

Marketing tools - tips from The Alias Group, local marketing agency in Newark, Delaware

The goal is to reach your customer in the shortest amount of time possible. Bombarding them with a barrage of marketing activities won’t work. You desensitize potential clients who will consider what you send as spam at best.

Using different marketing activities without a strategy doesn’t work either. You may land the client, you may not, but you won’t be able to measure what worked and what didn’t because nothing was executed with a plan and measurable objectives. So what good is a positive result if you can’t repeat the process that led to it?

When you’re considering what kind of marketing you should be focused on, don’t use every tool you have in the shed or ones that don’t match your objectives.

Consider these four tips for making the most of your marketing efforts.

  • Create a focused, strategic plan that includes marketing activities

  • Reach your audience where they are; don’t make them come to you

  • Have your marketing activities align with your sales goals to make the biggest impact

  • Play to your strengths; hire for your weaknesses

That last one is particularly important, not just because you could hire The Alias Group and that would make us both happy, but because if you don’t, you’ll be showcasing your weaknesses for everyone to see. You’ll be wasting time and energy when it could be put into revenue generating activities. Don’t waste energy for little return or put your worst foot forward. Plan effectively; execute exceptionally; measure obsessively.

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