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Spotlight on Web Specialist, Erin Long

Today’s Spotlight features one of the longest employed marketing team members: Erin Long! Erin started working at The Alias Group four years ago as an intern. She spent her college career arranging her schedule to fit in working at The Alias Group part-time during the school year and full-time during the summers. Luckily, Erin’s experience at The Alias Group was a great one, and now all of her education and expertise are put to use daily. Erin is the North Star of our marketing team; she brings consistently excellent work, a stellar work ethic, and the kind of attitude that makes her an ideal team player. A self-teacher and perpetual learner, give her a task and watch her excel! Find out more about Erin in her spotlight interview below.

Position: Web Specialist and (according to Mike) “Web Guru”

Work related passion: Designing new websites for clients and knowing that the work I do has the potential to greatly improve their business.

Education: B.S. in Marketing and Management from University of Delaware

Motto: “If Plan A didn’t work, don’t worry. The alphabet has 25 more letters.”

Favorite challenge: Figuring out work-arounds to problems that have no easy solutions. In a tech-related position, there is rarely a readily available answer to a client’s specific needs, and I love being able to find ways to get the job done anyway.

Big move: When I started working full time. I worked with Alias part-time all through college and never had time to take on big projects. I love having the time now to tackle bigger ventures and getting to own my projects instead of only having responsibility for a tiny piece of it.

What employees say about Erin: “Erin’s drive is extremely obvious in everything that she does. Her perfectionism in her work matched with her ability to communicate in a gentle and sweet manner makes her one of the easiest people to work with.” -CP

What Erin wants for the future: I can’t wait to see where Alias goes in the next few years. I’m excited to be in a workplace that invests in my continued learning about web design and online marketing so I can grow with the company!

When Erin isn’t working: I love traveling to interesting places and finding fun new adventures. I also spend way too much time watching TV shows like The Office and Game of Thrones, and I like to think I’m good at crafting!

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