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Alias Marketing Won’t Propose Marriage On the First Date

You’re the first to know, it’s not even on our website yet, but there are some changes coming to our marketing services at The Alias Group!

After working with a number of clients across different industries and fields of business, from B2B to B2C, you learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t. You get some great inside information on what the real concerns are for businesses and the true challenges of growth. These aren’t theoretical; they’re actual.

The Alias Group - digital marketing agency in Newark, Delaware

We meet the owners who are trying to navigate the often fast moving waters of competition and a clientele who are making decisions before they even show up on a salesperson’s radar, and we figure out the best way to help.

What you will see on our website in the near future are packages that are not only specific to what marketing services are needed, but affordable and short-term when necessary. Our goal hasn’t changed: we want to work together for the long-term and build a great business relationship that will mutually benefit both sides for years to come. However, that can’t happen all at once, so we’re adjusting our modules.

Think of it this way, we’re looking for a life partner, a business we can really have a healthy permanent relationship with, but if your significant other proposed to you on the first date, would you marry him/her or turn and run the other way?

So, in the interest of not scaring you off, we’re okay with taking it slow in the beginning.

Our new marketing packages allow us to build this relationship and the trust needed to go with it. Maybe you see how we do with a Brand Audit package. It goes well. Then you keep us around for some SEO work. Things heat up. Maybe you introduce us to your sales people and let us redesign your website. You see that we’re committed. As we continue to impress, we find more ways to keep that spark alive and impress you with our dedication to your success.

So keep checking back and see if you want to swipe right on our marketing services, or see if there’s something more there. Maybe you’ll find out you’d like to, as they say, “put a ring on it.”

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