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Good Marketing is “Common Sense”

While it’s difficult to believe, particularly post 4th of July ra-ra-fireworks-and-BBQ, independence from Britain was far from a popular idea among the colonists in 1775. In fact, those who supported a complete separation were labeled as radicals. One man and one well-written pamphlet is credited for changing all of that.

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Thomas Paine’s widely circulated pamphlet titled Common Sense was a game changer for the colonists. By early 1776, Paine had spoken to the common people in their own rhetoric and swayed the majority to support revolution from the monarchy. This major shift in ideals created the groundswell for the American Revolution and catapulted us into independence.

To put it simply: good marketing started this country. Never underestimate the persuasive power of a well crafted piece of marketing material.

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