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Culture of Success Series: Sign up then Show Up

It can seem like success is as elusive or mythical as Big Foot. At best, you can get a fuzzy, far away picture that some would agree looks like success, but actually wrangling it is another thing.

When trying to land an account or acquire a new client, nobody can give you a formula for guaranteed success every time. However, at Alias, we know there are two components to success that are absolute necessities: signing up and showing up. Signing up can look like a number of things: volunteering for jobs, tasks, or projects that fall outside of your scope, agreeing to go the extra mile by working outside of prescribed work hours, or simply saying yes. Signing up often begins with asking the right question: what needs to be done, then agreeing to do it. Whether that resolve is in writing or a silent compact you make with yourself, you first have to agree to do what needs to be done.

Second, you must actually show up for what needs to be done. Anyone can say yes, but few will follow through and do what needs to be done. Being present, physically and mentally, is critical to success. Get yourself where you need to be, in terms of preparation, education, punctuality, and of course physically. From looking the part to being on time to having the skillset you profess to have, success doesn’t always have to be so far away and fuzzy.

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