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Market Your Way to the Top of Customers’ Minds

The only way customers are going to purchase your products or select your service is if they know who you are and what you offer. With the help of templates and drag and drop website building, it has become fairly simple to put together a website and stake your corner of the online world. Then what? If you’re not driving traffic to that site, it does absolutely nothing to actually get you sales.

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You have to stay top of mind. While your sales people focus on networking, following-up with leads, and closing deals, there is a whole sect of people that are not being engaged. Those who are on the fence need to be given a push, and that push comes from being in their face at the right time, in the right place.

Marketing that aligns with your sales is the best way to stay top of mind for your soon-to-be customers. Whether that staying power comes through an eye-catching infographic, a well placed pay per click ad, a timely e-blast, a print ad with a strong call to action, or an event that both draws in your people and gets your name out, marketing will make your people, yours.

While your top revenue producers are reeling in the big fish, don’t forget to have marketing right behind them, baiting the next hook.

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