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Local Marketing Agency Newark, Delaware

The Alias Group is all about continuing our education in our areas of expertise. Just as no business owns 100% of the market share, no one content person or digital media strategist or web designer knows everything about his or her field. So, we seek out learning opportunities, training, and mentors to help us stay on the cutting edge and sharpen our already acute skillsets.

This month, one of our marketing directors decided to attend a three-day training in Philadelphia to help improve her public speaking and presenting skills. The conference, called Heroic Public Speaking Live, was held in the Kimmel Center in the heart of The City of Brotherly Love. It featured expert speakers that buy into and practice a theater-based philosophy. Everyone who attended stepped out of their comfort zones by participating in improvisational games, vocal warm-ups, and some even jumped on stage to be coached on the spot in front of everyone. Beyond the performance participation, breakout sessions also focused on creating content and rehearsal strategies, using humor, and creating a contextual mapping of ideas.

So, why would a sales and marketing outsource company want to send employees on such an in-depth training? Because we are always presenting. Whether we are the keynote speaker for your sales training event, the marketing guru leading a panel discussion, or simply on the phones dialing away and calling our customers’ customers day in and day out, we want to know how to put our best selves forward. Now, we have even more tools in our belt to do so.

The insight from Amy and Michael Port and the rest of their incredibly talented team left us with a whole slew of ideas for how to help our customers improve their presentations and how to make sure we are always communicating effectively. The investment The Alias Group makes into its employees is truly an investment in our customers. They are the ones who can take what we learn and have it increase their revenue, elevate their brand, and improve their culture. Want to see what we learned? You can book us as an expert speaker on sales and marketing at your next professional event, or hire us to host a lunch and learn at your company to share our expertise and watch us flex our theatrical side.

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