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The Importance of Putting a Human on the Phone

Good old-fashioned phone work - B2B inside sales help from The Alias Group in Newark, Delaware

Besides zombie apocalypses and catastrophic weather events, movies love to show us what the rise of the machines will look like. Blade Runner, The Terminator, and Ex Machiana have filled our minds with how artificial intelligence will take over many of our current jobs. And then kill us all. But first they took our jobs.

Maybe some day those lifelike robots will conduct sales calls and sell used cars, but I’m certain I’ll be retired before AI advances to that level. If it does at all. In truth, personal relationships still matter and are one of our most important advantages over the machines. A particularly effective way to start building those relationships with prospects or customers is good old-fashioned phone work...

To read the rest of this article, head over to the Delaware Business Times.

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