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CRM Playoff Runs

CRM Services - B2B Inside Sales company in Newark, Delaware

Major League Baseball attendance was at an all-time low this April. It was down an average of 2,700 fans as compared to the 2017 season. Could our ability to use cell phones to find any immediate answer on the internet be creating a society that demands such instant gratification that America’s pastime is becoming a thing of the past?

The sales process can also seem and be too long to maintain the attention of inside sales people, especially without a systematic approach to continually touch potential prospects. Many of your companies have CRM systems (customer relationship management systems), and many of you are struggling with managing them correctly to ensure that your sales team is getting what they need to effectively work through a long sales process.

A million articles have been written about the key reasons that CRMs fail. Instead of describing what doesn’t work, I’d like to describe why ours has been so successful at The Alias Group.

To read Chris's reasons, find his original post on the Delaware Business Times.

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