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Avoid These Sales Nightmares

B2B Inside Sales help from The Alias Group - Newark, Delaware

Combine a lazy and very rainy afternoon and an extremely entertaining YouTube clip of some very bad meals and you get a four-hour binge of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Somewhere between the restaurant serving chicken wrapped shrimp and the undercooked lamb with chocolate syrup, I started thinking this is a show about sales.

Most sales companies don’t have problems as immediate or dramatic as you might find in a kitchen, but hidden problems are often more difficult to spot and address. It is pretty hard to ignore a freezer full of rotten fish, but a sales funnel full of rotting leads is wasted money all the same. They may smell a little different, but the challenges of achieving business growth are universal.

To find out what they are, find Melissa's original article over at the Delaware Business Times.

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