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Let Go to Grow

Local marketing and sales company - Newark, Delaware

​At a recent Thursday afternoon yoga class at The Alias Group’s Wellness Center, our yoga instructor Alyson urged everyone to practice deep breathing and exhale all the “baggage” we no longer needed or wanted in our lives. For many, there are likely a myriad of items—both physical and mental—that would be on the list of unnecessary baggage.

In that yoga class, the concept of purging personal baggage struck me as both liberating and refreshing. After further consideration, it was clear that Alyson’s lesson can also be extended into the workplace. The lesson was very similar to a phrase heard around our office that has been the backbone of our management philosophy: “In order to grow, you have to let go.”

To learn how you can apply this lesson to grow your business, read Mike's original post on the Delaware Business Times.

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