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Surviving Those Seasonal B2B Sales Slumps

B2B sales company - The Alias Group in Newark, Delaware

‘Tis the season for the dreaded “Out of Office” reply. While retailers are expected to ring up over $1 trillion this season, many B2B sales professionals experience a slow down this time of year.

Whether you are prospecting on the front lines or supporting your sales reps through a month of voicemails, it is enough to put a damper on anyone’s holiday spirit. Customers and prospects are harder to reach or busy with year-end activities, budgets are on hold, and everyone would rather be celebrating than fielding (or making) sales calls.

Achieving sales KPIs when the calls get as cold as the weather can be a challenge. At The Alias Group, we know what to expect every holiday season—and how to navigate the highs and lows. We focus on five strategies to find success during the holiday season.

To learn how you can apply these strategies to grow your business, read Melissa's original post on the Delaware Business Times.

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