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Game of Phones: 4 B2B Inside Sales Lessons from Westeros

We are only a few days away from the series finale of Game of Thrones, and while everyone is speculating on how it all might end, it is also a great time to reflect on its legacy. Sure, we got lavish costumes and set pieces and spectacular special effects, but I will always be partial to the highly quotable dialogue.

For a show with three dragons and an army of the dead, there is plenty of relatable wisdom for B2B inside sales reps and sales management. So, in honor of my vote for the best series ever on television, let’s explore four of the best sales lessons this side of The Wall.

1. In the Game of Phones, leads close or they die

B2B Inside sales success often boils down to how well you play the Game of Phones. Cold calling still has an important place in the sales process and every lead you touch can either represent potential opportunity or nothing at all. Having the stamina to power through and separate the wheat from the chaff is no small task. If you stay focused and don’t lose your head along the way, you will be rewarded with qualified prospects and closed business.

2. Treat your CRM like the Citadel

Tucked inside Oldtown, the Citadel holds all the books and collected knowledge of the Seven Kingdoms. And its custodians that protect the Citadel take their jobs very seriously. One of the best practices you can establish is consistently and completely notating activities and insights in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). At The Alias Group, we customized our CRM to house key data points about our leads and prospects. By consistently updating these profile fields, we are able to segment leads and accounts appropriately and work more strategically.

3. Marketing is your maester

All of the major houses in Game of Thrones are supported by their maesters. One of the maester’s primary duties is to send ravens with important messages to other houses. While we haven’t had success training ravens (yet), our marketing team uses the latest technology to deliver email marketing messages to our prospects and customers. By aligning our sales and marketing teams, we ensure these messages are well-timed, relevant, and work in conjunction with our sales efforts.

4. The pack always survives

The Alias sales team believes that no one grows alone. Instead of running your business like a lone wolf, consider customizable outsourcing for inside sales help, digital marketing management, CRM services, or lead generation. All of these strategies can be a path to sustainable business growth. Outsourcing is like having your own bannermen, or loyal allies, able to be called up as needed to further your cause. Our clients maintain visibility and control, while we share our processes and people. Collaboration is key to mutual success.

After the finale on Sunday, take a minute to reflect on your own B2B sales processes. If they are dark and full of terrors like the Seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones, maybe it’s time to summon outsourced bannermen to collect your army of leads and prospects, qualify them, and begin closing within your own Game of Phones.

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