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What We Do

We build partnerships. The Alias Group believes that seamless collaboration is the most effective way to achieve your growth goals in Lead Generation and Salesforce CRM Services. We integrate directly into your existing structure, align with your strategic goals, and expand your reach.


We convert opportunities.

Alias cultivates and nurtures your leads from prospect to opportunity to customer. To gain a deeper understanding of your audience, we capture the most meaningful customer details by customizing all sales-related methodologies. Collaborative teams then use that market intelligence to nurture more personalized, genuine connections.


We fine-tune sales processes.


CRMs are only as good as the processes supporting them. The Alias Group implements Salesforce in concert with your industry-specific sales processes for both immediate sales impact and long-term platform growth. Ongoing optimization refines Salesforce, integrates new systems, or adds additional business processes to your existing account. 

“Alias had a key differentiator for me: They had a uniquely comprehensive approach to understanding our business and goals.”

- JD

How it Works

We start by examining the unique inside sales challenges that your company faces. Then we move through stages methodically from discovery to strategies to proposals to implementations.

Our discovery phase not only builds the foundation for our strategic initiatives but also helps both parties develop mutual trust. The Alias discovery process uncovers your sales needs, challenges, and definable goals. This information is used to develop a sales strategy that is both intuitive and results-driven.

But we never stop discovering. In fact, continuous discovery is baked into every process at The Alias Group. Our campaigns uncover important details about your customers—both current and potential—each step of the way. We use this knowledge to retarget our efforts repeatedly to where they will yield the best results.

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