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Outsourced Inside sales services

We convert opportunities

Our unique merging of outsourced inside sales with strategic marketing creates exciting new customer growth opportunities for our B2B clients. As businesses expand, sales leads and sales processes often become unmanageable—and many opportunities go untapped because there is just not enough time in each day.

We prospect and close your B2B leads by deploying skilled representatives focused on building genuine connections with customers. We often start with serving under-pursued qualified leads and then focus on the needs of undervalued existing customers. During that phase, we learn a lot about your customers. Then we leverage that business intelligence to discover new customer segments and new related markets you can explore.

And we do it all "for you, as you."
Many successful companies simply don't have adequate B2B inside sales strength to service all their existing leads, nurture new prospects, or close lower-priority sales. We fill in those gaps with outsourced inside sales programs that customers engage with. We make the calls, qualify the leads, build relationships, and close those sales “for you, as you.”

Lead to Qualification


Receive qualified sales leads or appointments customized for your outside sales team.

Lead Generation Services
Lead to Close

Lead to close

Accelerate your sales process throughout the complete funnel from lead to close.

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Inside Sales Service

Full Service Inside sales

Prospect your existing customer base to gain market share and discover new opportunities. Go from lead to close with new and existing customers and enter a new market simultaneously.

Full Service B2B Inside Sales Service: Go from lead to close with new and existing customers and enter a new market simultaneously.
Full Service Inside Sales

Sales Process Implementation

Sales Process Implementation

Consult with us if you already have a great sales team but find your sales process lacking.

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Real Results

"We’ve all received cold sales calls… Who’s on the other end? Do they know anything about me? I was amazed at how much strategy and prep work The Alias Group does before making any calls—and before every call. Their professionalism is exceptional, and during the onboarding process they asked important, thought-provoking questions that are paying dividends during execution."     

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