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Lead Generation

Receive qualified leads for your outside sales team

Do you know which of your leads are hot prospects? We fully qualify leads compiled from events, trade shows, websites, and lead lists that we generate. Our inside sales representatives use cost-effective touches in both phone and email campaigns to reach prospects at scale and gather the most pertinent information. We take leads from cold to warm, segment them, and send them to the right outside sales rep to close the deal.

Need an Case Study that can help your sales today? You can learn the six mistakes and the fixes that will drive outside sales in our FREE DOWNLOAD here. 

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choose this if…

  • You aren’t generating enough leads

  • Your sales team isn’t effective at, or focused on, prospecting

  • Your sales team is great with a warm lead but avoids the cold call

  • You lack cost-effective lead generation

  • You are struggling with hiring or keeping the right sales and marketing talent

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