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Seasonal Series: Turn Up The Heat

Combat productivity problems at work with processes

I don’t know about you, but here in Delaware, it’s been a H-O-T summer, and it seems like the temperature just keeps rising. Whether summer is your busy time of year, or it’s just plain dead for business, at some point you’ll feel the proverbial temperature rise at work.

We can agree that people are at their most productive when cooler heads prevail. So what is the best way to help keep business humming along smoothly no matter what pressures are applied? Some may suggest the newest trend in office culture perks, which have their place and value in promoting a good work environment, but they are often misused as solutions to productivity problems. If the source of the productivity problem isn’t hunger, then it can’t be solved with free snacks in the employee break room. The real solution is both simple and complex: Processes.

Creating and implementing a process

Having processes in place can improve any small malfunction or save a business from falling into complete dysfunction. The two phases of having processes are:

  1. Creating the process

  2. Implementing the process.

Neither is helpful without the other.

While some may feel a process impedes creativity, when properly implemented, it can actually foster it and generate more consistent quality work. Putting a process in place that works with your culture and workplace architecture can be one of the most invaluable things a company can do. The dividends it pays off will be seen both in the immediate to near future as well as the long-term.

New employees can be trained easily. Work can flow seamlessly. Records can be kept thoroughly. In essence, process brings predictability. When there’s predictability, your employees know what to expect, and so do your customers.

Fewer miscommunications, misinterpretations, excuses, or mistakes are likely to stand between you and making a profit.

Creating and implementing a process that will work for your company takes time, study, and experience in what works and what doesn’t. At The Alias Group, one of our popular modules includes helping businesses create those very processes. We know from first-hand experience how big of an impact they can make, and we want to make it our business to help put the right processes in place for your business.

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