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How Our Easy Start Program Helps Small Businesses See Improvements in ROI

Small businesses often struggle with bridging the gap between their expectations in ROI. Even when using Salesforce products to help optimize their growth, businesses need to have an efficient strategy in place. Our Easy Start Program builds a sustainable bridge between both expectations, allowing your business to thrive.


When it comes to Salesforce users no two businesses are alike. All businesses need to use different strategies tailored not only to meet their needs but align with their resources and business model. By matching the unique language and sales terminology with Salesforce’s opportunity stages we make it easier to track your progress in a way that’s more intuitive to you. This makes it easier to analyze and interpret the reports and data that Salesforce compiles to measure your growth and look for patterns.

Past, Present, Future

The on-boarding process is where our Salesforce consultants in Philadelphia will look at all the strategies you’ve implemented thus far and are currently using. What worked? What didn’t work? More importantly, why? We synthesize this information with the unique processes in a company’s sales process to find what areas need improvement, and develop strategies to leverage your strengths.

The Feedback Loop

By focusing on mandatory input fields and conducting multiple evaluations, Alias can identify trends indicating growth and stagnation. We stick to what’s working and remove anything that’s hindering your progress. Our feedback loop consists of four important processes, the pillars of success.

  1. Input lead source. For your business to grow, we need to identify where leads are coming from.

  2. Populate account information/profile fields. To find the answers we need, we must be sure to ask the right questions. Structuring the questions aids sales staff in the creation of strategies putting you on the path to success.

  3. Create opportunities. Shortening the sales cycle will become a staple in company culture once a strong framework is devised and adhered to.

  4. Analyze metrics. Personalized dashboards and reports look at the most critical data to find where the sales staff is strongest and what areas we need to strengthen further.

Through routine analysis, the patterns in these areas quantify your growth, giving you tangible results so you craft realistic goals.

Small Businesses, Big Changes

Now that Salesforce has reduced its entry point to as low as $25 per month, small businesses can take advantage of their game-changing products. But without a sound strategy, no amount of products or software will make a difference. The Alias Group is here to improve the way you use Salesforce to help businesses as small as two people explode into businesses with multiple locations. Working with a Salesforce developer in the Philadelphia area is the key to helping you unlock your small business’ potential. Contact the Alias Group today, and we’ll turn your dream goals into realistic expectations.


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