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Salesforce Assessment Product

At The Alias Group, we have developed a method to help you maximize the ROI of your Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. By identifying ways to automate your business processes we can offer you expert advice on how to make Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM work for you and your sales team. After the analysis, we’ll submit a comprehensive report enabling your team to utilize Salesforce to be an intuitive system and exponentially shorten your sales cycle. Our proven assessment tool works in three simple steps- backend evaluation, discovery meeting, and finally a full assessment report.

Backend Evaluation

The first step to our Salesforce Assessment is our Backend Evaluation process. This involves using reports generated through your Salesforce Instance to understand the technical foundation of your Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. Processes and items taken into consideration for the Backend Evaluation step include products, sales process, adoption, leads, security, resourcing, data levels, licensing, and automation.

Discovery Meeting

The second step to our Salesforce Assessment is working through an hour and a half virtual Discovery Meeting. This meeting helps The Alias Group better understand how your organization is currently using Salesforce to drive your business and understand the current gaps in efficiently utilizing Salesforce CRM to drive sales. The Discovery Meeting provides us with key insight into what can be improved in your current business practices. We’ll leverage our implementation experience across multiple industries to analyze your processes and data to ensure that you are maximizing your investment in CRM.

Full Assessment Report

The third and final step to our Salesforce Assessment is the Full Assessment Report. This report creates a blueprint for realizing ease of use, better functionality, and improved sales cycles. It is intended to guide you through personalized recommendations based on our analysis learned in the two previous steps. You can use this blueprint to implement the changes yourself or hire The Alias Group to implement and execute the recommended modifications that will give you the biggest benefit. Once the recommendations are implemented we guarantee that your leads will flow seamlessly into Salesforce and work systematically to close.

The Alias Approach

As a Salesforce Consultant in Philadelphia, The Alias Group has been working for three decades to help B2B clients scale their growth. We have helped many businesses already using Salesforce to find great success by maximizing ROI through our fine-tuned Lead Generation and Salesforce Customer Resource Management Services. Our unique sales first approach enables our team to help your business grow through both execution and sales process improvement. If you want to work with a Salesforce developer in Philadelphia that has a proven track record for helping clients reach new heights, visit us online or contact us today.


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