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Making Money for Your Customers!

I’m going to begin with an assumption about anyone who is reading this post: you want your company to be successful. If that assumption does not apply to you, then you’ll want to find something else to do on the internet because this blog won’t apply to you.

I believe that for every company there should be one guiding principle to achieve success.

As long as that principle is the North Star to your business, you cannot fail. Of course you need additional structure, supporting doctrines, processes, and the right people to maximize your company’s potential. All of that serves the one guiding principle; without that single purpose, everything else is as useless as Captain Hook’s second glove. So, before you do anything, and especially before you do everything, make sure you have that explicit intention clear for yourself and your employees.

Inside sales tips from The Alias Group - B2B inside sales company Newark, Delaware

Facebook’s purpose is to connect people around the world. It sounds nice and even a little fluffy, but it’s how they have become a $200 billion dollar plus company. Not much fluff can produce that kind of revenue. Their purpose was clear, to the point, and unwavering.

The Alias Group’s purpose is to make money for our customers. We exist so that others can achieve limitless success.

It may sound altruistic, but it’s actually our whole business model. When the companies we work with improve their inside sales or marketing or branding, we not only look good for knowing what we’re doing and doing it well, but we grow as well. There will always be room to improve a process, create a business plan, execute new market research, or continue our relationship with any number of our services. The growth is reciprocal and endless.

With our unwavering purpose, there is a mutual benefit to all parties and no end to what can be achieved. In a Harvard Review article, Kevin Laws made the concise, astute observation that “What drives the most successful start-ups isn’t the money, it’s the mission.” We couldn’t agree more. What is your mission?

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