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A universal new beginning dawned on January 1st. It’s our Gregorian calendar new year, and for many that means taking time to reflect and resolve. At the Alias Group, 2016 was a big year. We officially launched! We got to work with new clients, explore new industries, and gain new skills. To celebrate all we’ve accomplished, The Alias Group spent the day together, reveling in the camaraderie that we treasure. We exchanged hilarious gifts, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then raised a few glasses to the end of 2016. Cheers! Checkout a few pics of our end of year party and learn more about our company culture here.

As we toasted the end of one year though, the new one was right around the corner.

Back at work today, our team is looking forward instead of back, and 2017 brings us a sense of infinite possibility.

Untangled from the mire of thwarted projects and unburdened by repeated roadblocks, 365 days stretches out before us like an unshaped lump of clay waiting for us to mold it and realize the potential we imagine it holds.

In 2017, The Alias Group has resolved to be a more present, powerful influencer in the outsourcing world. We will grow more businesses to help our clients reach their Growth Identity. Individually, we created short and long-term goals for self-improvement. The symbolic significance of a new beginning and the impact of making resolutions can be powerful drivers of change. That feeling of getting to start over and leave mistakes in the past can motivate decision makers and workers on all levels to be more creative; creativity begets new opportunities. With a new year comes a freedom from the way things have been done.

Rather than focusing on coloring inside the lines, we can draw a new picture.

So enjoy this fresh start and brainstorm with abandon about all the possibilities this new year can bring for you as well as your company.

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