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Spring Cleaning Your Business: 4 Things To Get In Order This Season

With Spring comes the season of new beginnings. It’s a time when people drag the old to the curb and make room for all things that provide a renewed sense of purpose. Your business practices could benefit from a good scrubbing as well to restore them to glory and usher in growth. Here are four areas where you can spring clean your business:

1. Your automated commitments: Often we subscribe to e-mail lists, services, or courses in a moment of supreme motivation and inspiration only to have our best intentions become inbox clutter at best. We train ourselves to get so used to seeing the same money go out or e-mails come in that we stay subscribed by default. Take some time this spring to look at all the things you’re currently subscribed to and make sure they’re still relevant. De-clutter your inbox and make some space only for what’s really important. Make sure those classes, memberships, and other auto-debited activities are actually producing a decent ROI and not just sucking money or time away.

2. Physical workspace: A cluttered desk can be an overwhelming and constant subliminal communication that you’re behind and you’ll never get ahead. Having your work area in chaos can lead to chaos in the work you do. Take a few minutes…maybe a few hours for some, to get everything organized, put away, and prioritized. Your productivity will thank you.

3. Time Management: There’s no better time than Spring to take a close look at what your day-to-day tasks are that consume your time without generating any revenue. Time is literally money in business; wasting time on menial tasks that you can delegate is the equivalent of throwing money away. For every hour you spend filing, copying, scheduling meetings, writing agendas, etc. you lose the opportunity to make more money for your business with things only you can do. So take some time to spring clean your workflow and make sure your time is actually being put to the best use possible.

4. Your headspace: Burnout is real. After a grueling or dismal winter, it’s easy to stay stuck in the fog. To improve your productivity, find new ways to grow your business, and create new business opportunities, you need to get out of the office now and then. Talk to new people, see new places, be in a new environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s changing up where you go for lunch or taking a vacation, you need to create some headspace to foster the creativity needed for business growth. So, clear the proverbial cobwebs of your mind and get ready to see what blooms in the new, welcoming environment of a clear head.

There is no wrong time to do any of the four things mentioned and plenty more for the benefit of your business. Find inspiration and create new challenges that drive you to be better than ever before.

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