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Eliminate the Generation Gap

Local sales and marketing company - Newark, Delaware

While managing multi-generational employees in the workplace presents the challenges discussed in last month’s piece, it also offers opportunities to evolve and improve on a number of levels. Rather than dividing the generations on their differences, bring them together to augment their strengths.

Harness the power of a multi-generational mix of employees by assembling them into functional teams across your organization. This structure allows for a variety of generations to have representation, increasing the team’s collective experience, skillset, and output.

At the Alias Group, the organizational structure is a relatively flat, team-based matrix. Each employee is assigned to a functional team that corresponds with their primary job function (such as sales, marketing, or customer service), as well as business teams that correspond to the product lines that they work with. The teams all have a mix of generations/experience levels working toward common team goals.

To learn about how our organizational structure helps position us for success, read Mike's original post on the Delaware Business Times.

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