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Complacency Can Erase Your Business’s Progress. Don’t Let It

Local marketing and sales company - Newark, Delaware

Competition in the business world is a powerful force. Business leaders and sales people worldwide compete on the corporate battlefield every day: fighting to retain market share; monitoring the movements of their competitors; watching for new threats. Beating the competition is all that stands in the way of personal and corporate glory.

Perhaps your biggest competitor is not the known names that you face each day, but complacency.

Complacency in the workplace can manifest itself on both the individual and corporate levels. Both are equally threatening to the long-term ability to compete and win on the corporate battlefield. Complacency causes great sales people to become another face dropping off a box of donuts. Complacency causes memorable products to become stepping stones for competitive innovation. Complacency causes innovative leaders to become reactive followers.

To learn how to break the pattern of corporate complacency, read Mike's original post on Delaware Business Times.

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